Om Shree Gurudev
The objective of developing Kankeshwaridevi Institute of Technology is to offer such personalities to the nation who would be the cause of the progress of the nation through self-development and the society may get well-educated and well-cultured engineers with a sense of duty towards the nation and the society. This Institute has been formed on the basis of these basic ideas. We are confident that blessings of Ishwar will realize this objective.

Educated Youth are the builders and creators of the Golden Future of Bharat. Education is an eye as well as a wing. Kankeshwaridevi Institute of Technology has been started on the pious land of the city of Jamnagar – a Samskar Nagari and Chhoti Kashi of Gujarat with a noble aim of having personalities who will be creating a new chapter of Gaurav Gatha of Bharat Mata by obtaining a life style absorbed with Indian culture